Don’t Be Afraid to Spray

The basic setup, operation, and maintenance of this versatile, labor-saving tool is a lot easier than you think. During the more than 20 years I’ve been a painter, I’ve used an airless sprayer to apply thousands of gallons of paints and coatings of all types. Compared to brushing and rolling, spraying saves time on both […]

10 Tips to Paint Like a Pro – Part 2

Tip 9: Theres a quick fix for sticky doors and windows Have you ever tried to open a cabinet door that feels like it is glued shut? This condition is known as blocking, and it is common on places where cured latex paint tries to stick to itself, such as on wood windows, painted doors […]

10 Tips to Paint Like a Pro – Part 1

Products and advice for tackling the toughest parts of the job As a professional painter with nearly 20 years of experience, I’ve developed a thriving business. Getting there hasn’t been easy, though, and I’ve made my share of mistakes. However, I’ve used these mistakes to improve my technique and to seek out high-quality, problem-solving products […]